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About us

Captivated by machinery, driven by ideas.

We are driven by a true passion for engineering. This almost tangible passion is felt throughout the whole company, and not only due to our founder Pavel Diviš.

The second defining aspect of the company lies in “comprehensive solutions”. In our case this cliché makes sense, since our ambition is not to sell a machine or a tool, but to help our customers implement their ideas. From our mutual definition of the task, through the design of suitable machining technologies, up to the tuning of part production during the actual production process. And we are not afraid to state that we are the only company with such a focus in the Czech Republic. At least, we do not know about anyone else.

emotions that drive us on our journey



for engineering



how to improve things, move them on, and make them more efficient



we will deliver what we have promised

Our motto:

“We bring plans to life”

A little bit of history

A quarter of a century ago the company was established by Pavel Diviš, who had a business plan to sell Swiss tooling. Gradually, the company has expanded its activities to include the sale of machines, production, and sales of its own tooling. Currently, we can deliver comprehensive orders to our customers – from design to implementation, including suitable technologies, through the supply of the respective machines and tools, right up to tuning the whole mechanism, with subsequent service.


Establishment of the company


Start of tool sales


Start of machine sales


Start of tool production


Technology centre


New production building, offices and showroom in Mýto


Installation of the first robotised workplace

Who are we?

A technology and trading company creating higher added value on a number of fronts:

  • We invent, design and tailor a complete production process. From the design of the technology, documentation, machines and tools, right up to installation, diagnostics and service.
  • We also continuously innovate with respect to the materials used. Anyone can machine metals nowadays, but machining plastic, which is replacing metal in many fields, brings different challenges.
  • We are a partner in non-traditional sectors too. An example is health care, where we can design and build complete technology, e.g. for production of joint implants.

We want to be a company you can come to with a new challenge, or a new business idea to produce something, and we will bring it to life with everything that needs to be done (design, prototype, testing, production, service, etc.).

Values which guide us on our journey



The best solution always arises from mutual cooperation; therefore, we enter into a partnership with our customers. We do not let them passively wait for the outcome, but incorporate them into the respective production stages. Our conviction that teamwork is the key to the success has been proven many times over the years. We mutually learn, show respect, and move forward.


The diversity and variety of solutions at TGS require a vast range of knowledge and skills. Together, we think in context and lot at the bigger picture. We know that everything fits together and that one thing affects another. If necessary, we can re-assess our views and change our perspective. We thoroughly implement every part of the process, and we emphasise detail and quality.


The combination of technologies, tools, production and automation all under one roof is what makes us unique for our customers. We can provide not only suitable machines, tooling, and technologies, but also develop particular and specific solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. We can produce prototypes, test and finalise them, and then service them. We are delighted to present these prototypes to the public, together with our customers, at trade fairs. The range of our services makes us special!

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